Nutrifec' refers to Chloe Lewis trading as Nutrifec animal health


Subscription providesNutrifec permission tocontact you on details provided.
It is your (client) responsibility to ensure details are correct at point of subscribing & you inform Nutrifec of any changes to details provided inc but not limited to address, email, number, client name& horses details. Applications for changes should be sent to enquiries@nutrifec.co.uk.

Monthly subscription options are
BASIC-  healthy adult horse, 4 faecal egg counts/ year
PRO-  healthy adult horse, 4 faecal egg counts and 2 tapeworm saliva tests / year
HIGH RISK- for young, geriatric or other high risk horses, 6 faecal egg counts and 2 tapeworm saliva tests/ year.

Any additional tests required for the subscribed horse (eg- pinworm) is chargeable & payment must be paid at point of ordering.

Nutrifec aim to return test results within 24 hours from recieving sample, unless notified. For equisal tapeworm test results, results can be expected in 7-10 days, unless notified.

Subscription does not include any dewormers. Subscription does not protect your horse from parasitic burden as faecal egg counts are not, & can never be, a definitive method. Every reasonable effort has been made by nutrifec to ensure accuracy of testing method. Results are provided as an indication of sample. The client should contact their veterinarian if the animals health is in doubt, irrespective of test result from nutrifec.

Faecal egg counts are used to detect redworm & roundworm eggs being shed by adult parasites only. This test can not detect other parasites and exclude parasites including but not limited to tapeworm, encysted redworm, redworm and roundworm larvae, fluke, lungworm, bot. Tapeworm saliva tests are a tapeworm only antibody test and can not detect other parasites.


Subscribing enters you in agreement for payments to be taken on a monthly basis. Cancellation of subscription within 3 months of starting will incur a £40 administration fee. If subscription has not covered tests sent out at time of cancelling, you are expected to pay the difference. Nutrifec reserves the right to change pricing snd content of subscription. 

We cannot and do not guarantee that the website will be accessible at any given time.We shall not be liable to you or be deemed to be in breach of any agreement for any delay or failure in performing any obligation if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond our reasonable control.The Client agrees to indemnify, release and hold NUTRIFEC harmless from any claim, liability, loss, expense or demand, including legal fees, related to any result(s) reached from testing the sample Client sends to Nutrifec. Extent of Nutrifecs liability is limited to the cost of the test.
The Client accepts and is bound by these Terms and Conditions by submitting a request, subscription, order or sample to nutrifec.